Artisans Guild Membership

Join our Community of Global Artisans!


Annual Membership $45/year

When you become a member of our Artisans Guild you are becoming a member of a global community of artisans just like yourself.  We have artisan members from all over the world who provide education, inspiration, and unity within the global arts and cultural community.  The benefits of becoming a Member, provides you with many opportunities to expand your recognition as an artisan and succeed in pursuing your creative self professionally.  

All Artisans are welcome to join as a member of our guild.  Artisans include anyone who has a creative craft.  This can include visual arts, theatrics, music, journalists, media, digital arts, authors, craft smiths, special effects, foods, design, there is no limit when it comes to creativity.  It seems as if every day we are learning of a new artisanal creation out in the world, and we want to be your support and share it with everyone around us.

Our Artisans Guild works in affiliation with various business and artist support organizations to help bring programs for not only artisans to participate in, but also to create jobs for individuals like yourself who want to work in the field of their passion.  We are continually working on partnerships with various organizations to help bring awareness to the importance of Arts within our communities.  Some of the wonderful opportunities we bring to our members are monthly members network gatherings locally and virtually, local and global workshops, exhibitions, community events in which you can participate in to sell your goods and expose your talents, art education classes to participate in or teach, Monthly Featured Artists, publication in our magazine, and soon we will be creating an online boutique for the sale of Artisan products from our members.


need a webpage?

Feature your work professionally

Our Artisans Guild is now offering all members the opportunity to keep their Featured Page as a permanent marketing tool on for a low monthly fee of $25.00.  If you choose this option, your personal webpage will be featured as your own page under a gallery link on our website. 

Your personal profile will remain as you see it on our featured page with your headshot, bio, and 9 images of your work, which we will update for you on the last week of every month to ensure a fresh look and to keep your page current.  This page can be used as your personal website if you choose to, and we will send you a link to your page so you can add it to your business cards, Facebook page, Instagram, blogs, marketing material, and however you choose to let the world know of your creations. Your personal Artisans page will also include your email, and links to your current marketing platform if you choose to do so. 

Your Artisan page will remain published on our website, and in addition your page will get global recognition as we are continually marketing globally on a daily basis. We know how difficult it is to get your artistic business up and running, and money and time can be grueling when trying to get a website developed.  We want to make it easy on our members so that you can continue creating your work, while we market it.