"Mystical Southwest"

by artists Yvette St. Amant and Robyn McClendon

Exhibiting now through the end of March 2018  at The Art Department Gallery located at 14435 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona.


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We are excited to announce our Second Edition of Guildzine is now a print book available on Amazon.  This 110 page photo journal features the artwork and creative work spaces of our members and featured artists across the globe.  Get your copy today. Authors: Yvette St.Amant & Robyn McClendon, Editor in Chief: Robyn McClendon, Creative/Art Director: Yvette St.Amant , Feature Editor: Belinda Richards, Copy Editor: Shen Daughtry, Contributing Members: Amy Vervoort, Belinda Richards, Ingrid Draminsky, Jennifer Oberle, Kate Schaffer, Nancy Christy-Moore, Nicolette Bonnstetter, Tessa Maagdenberg, Tracy Paul, Guest Features: Melinda Flood, Melissa Laffy, Judy Dans


February Featured Artists

robyn mcclendon - USA

Yvette st. amant - USA

amy vervoort - canada


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